Thursday, February 12, 2009

A few interesting facts…or just facts:

  1. Decals are not new...they’ve been around for ages. The designs however…are getting more and more awesome with time…
  2. The word ‘decal’ comes from the word ‘decalcomania’ coined in the 1800s.
  3. Decals are designs cut from a solid piece of vinyl. It will have a backing paper on its adhesive side and a low tack application tape on its front.
  4. Good quality decals, such as those from Blank Canvas, use very thin vinyl, with about 5-7 years durability and look like they’re hand-painted onto your surface. They can be applied to any smooth surface and removed without leaving any mark. Think walls, doors, fridges, tiles, glass, lamps, bookcases, guitars…the list is endless…leaving you with a totally individual piece.
  5. Vinyl decals are waterproof and can be cleaned, drenched…you name it, once applied, of course.
  6. Vinyl decals can withstand heat. It can be used to ensure it sticks to or detaches from the surface effectively without leaving a residue.
  7. Decals are different from stickers, which are printed onto label paper using ink jet, laser or offset printing and use the peel-and-stick method. Stickers use high-adhesion solvents, which will most likely peel paint off from your surface. They are also generally much thicker than vinyl decals.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our First Reseller!

We rushed to stock up for our first reseller, LiveItUp! at LG floor (new wing), 1 Utama Shopping Complex just before Chinese New Year. A few 4am nights but it was well worth the effort! The display decal is from our very own 'Verdant' in Black and Pastel Orange. Isn't it pretty?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Busy bees..'s been a busy few months since our launch in November. Our latest installation of Cherry Blossoms just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations.