Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yup, you read right...it's GLOW IN THE DARK removable vinyl. There are a few reasons to why I'm so excited about this new addition to our vinyl range. Firstly, an old friend of mine asked if i could produce glow-in-the-dark removable stickers for her 1-year old.

Secondly, i remembered standing in my nephew's room, staring at his ceiling where his mother had lovingly stuck plastic glow-in-the-dark stars and geckos with blue-tack. Some of the stars and geckos had fallen off (or were peeled off by one very curious 5 year old), leaving ugly spots where the blue-tack had taken the paint with it. I was heartbroken, to say the least..

Then, she gave me an extra pack of plastic stars and geckos for my 2 year old. The excitement in his voice when i turned off the lights was all it took for me to go hunting for glow in the dark vinyl. (Nope, I didn't stick it on the wall/ceiling...i just spread it out on the floor:) And now that i've found it, I can't wait to share it with you!

I'm working on a new range specially suited to glowing our kids to sleep, so please watch this space, k...For the moment though, this vinyl is available for all our other products. I recommend "Starry starry night", "Snowflakes" or "Emoticons". If you can't find it in the vinyl choices, just mention you want glow-in-the-dark vinyl in the "additional info" box at checkout and i'll get right to it:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

New stuff in store!

It's been really hectic at the BCD workspace, what with learning how to work the website, trying to constantly increase traffic and finishing off products...but I've finally gotten around to coming up with more new designs. Trust me, I've been feeling really bad..so "a thousand apologies" go out to all those lovely people who have been checking in on us to see what's new and what's been going on..*on hands and knees*

Also, I've been re-reading the blog...and i think it needs a more personal touch. What do you think? I'm better at just chattering away about the how/what/where (you get the drift...) of BCD anyways...and I hope it'll make for more interesting reading. Like a logbook of events in the life of BCD and me.

So, please check out the 4 new designs launched this month at the website. The designs are Alphablocks, Happy flowers, Bloom2 and Sweetrose. A little FLOWER POWER for the beautiful month of May!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Supersize me!

Like the design but think it's too complicated? Supersize me! We had a customer who loved "Eden" and wanted it supersized. So we picked out bits of "Eden" and came up with some arrangements for her.

During application, she rearranged the decal to make the design truly hers. Here's the end result!

We like to think that no request is too big or small for us, as long as our customers are happy and satisfied campers. Besides, it let's us sleep well at night:)

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Happy Flowers" Pre-Launch

"Happy Flowers" in green, brimstone yellow, ice blue and orange red

Available in any 3 flower colour combination, "Happy Flowers" will brighten any child's playroom. The decal comes with easy-to-follow numbered instructions so that the kids can join in for a fun-filled application.
"Happy Flowers" includes 6 flowers with the largest flower measuring W9.7 inches X 17.5" and the smallest measuring W5" x H9.6".
As with all our pre-launches, the first lucky 5 who email blankcanvasdesigns@gmail.com with their order can purchase this fun decal for only RM 76.50. Original price RM89.90. Shipping is free in Malaysia!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Colours for my sweet

We know that with over 50 vinyl colours to choose from, making the choice can be rather overwhelming. In the words of one of our customers, "Which colour? Which shade?? Which combination??!"

We can definitely help make that choice simpler with our free vinyl swatches. Firstly, narrow down your colour choices by identifying the colour theme of your room or the colour of the feature wall you're thinking of having the wall decal applied. Then, drop us an email with your enquiry and we'll send you the vinyl swatches to compare. Easy peasy:)

If after that, you're still not sure..we'll be happy to help pick out the vinyl colours suitable for your room. A pic of your room (in jpeg.) or wall will help us heaps in identifying the colours for you too.