Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's the 24th...We already have a Winner?

Entry #1: I like the fact i helped in the arrangement of this Verdant. I like, even more, the fact that it was the customer who made this decal simply awesome. Check out the 4 colour combo....Beige Lines and a mixture of Brown and Light Yellow flowers against a vintage rose coloured wall....That, and the fact that it spans across 8 feet and merges 2 sections of the wall. The customer used 2 sets of Verdant to create this design and wanted the flowers of each set to be different colours so that he could mix them around.

Entry #2: These pictures used one set of Starry starry night in White against a blue wall. An easy installation until you see that this customer took the effort to apply the decal as close to the ceiling as he could and the result is ethereal:)

How can we already have a winner without a vote, you ask? Coz both entries were entered by Mr Howard Lai from Labuan! And he definitely deserves to win this month's voucher for all the heart he put into his home...all DIY style:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Specks of Inspiration - Designs in July

Birds in various stages of flight...this design gave me a sense of freedom and serenity. Much like getting away for a while from the hectic hustle and bustle that is KL. Check out the close-ups, lots of detailing in the wings:)

These are the cutest little decals at just 8.7 inches tall. I can think of so many ways to use washroom signs, on cupboards, by the sinks, on the wall along the bedside tables, as wedding gifts. gifts..I just had a lightbulb moment...a decal for the bride and groom with their names under the chess pieces! Now, i just gotta see who's getting married next:)

Grass Stalks

My family, friends and even the ants know I'm not one to go pottering about in the garden under the hot sun. My idea of the ideal garden would be grass...think golf course grass...and maybe a huge shady tree. Don't get me wrong, i love everything about flowers and plants but since my gardening skills are about as awesome as expired milk, it be safer for them to be fake. Thus, the creation of Grass Stalks. Do check out the close-ups for the design...there's a whole lot of detail going on and the main picture just doesn't do it justice.

Bloom2 XL

I just love my little flower, don't I? So much so, I designed another version of it:) This one is named Bloom2 XL, a combination of overlapping positives and negatives of the original Bloom2 design. It even comes in 1 single piece for easy installation and perfect for those who don't want the bother of having to think up arrangements for their design.
All designs can be custom sized to your requirement. If you need them in a specific size, feel free to email us!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Streamlined International Shipping

We started out shipping all our international orders via UPS Express Saver but it soon became apparent that we were being a tad idealistic. Fast shipping, trackability and convenience wasn't a necessity for everyone and it wasn't fair for us to blanket a shipping method across all our customers. As a customer myself, I'd like to be offered more than one shipping option, in line with my comfort level.

So, with this in mind, I set out to research other shipping methods and decided to put a little faith in our National Post Office. It is, after all, 2009 and Malaysia has been growing in leaps and bounds in terms of the efficiency of our postal services.

My criteria was simple...the shipping method had to be reliable, much more affordable and arrive within a reasonable time frame... and Registered Malaysian Post fulfilled all these.

Please view the transit times given by Pos Malaysia below:

15-18 days to the US

14 working days to the UK and Australia

7-10 working days to Singapore

22-25 days Canada and everywhere else

This shipping option and its charges have been added to both our online store and Etsy store:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009




Recently, i started subscribing to Daily Web Traffic Tips, which as the title suggests, emails me a tip a day to increase web traffic. I thought...Hey, what's there to lose? No harm in checking it out, right? And since this is probably THE one topic...on this "web-iverse" anyways, that no one could ever know too much about...i thought, Heck..why not..

So, here i am trying out tip #14...claiming my blog on Technorati, a directory of blogs and social networks, amongst other things. In order to claim my blog, I have to put the code they've supplied me in a post on my blog, which is exactly what i'm doing right here goes...fingers crossed:)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Winner of the June '09 Photo Competition

The dateline is up and a winner for the June '09 Competition has been picked! The RM150.00 voucher goes to...*drum rollll*....Mala of Kuala Lumpur!

A big thank you to the wonderful voters who took some time out to vote. I would have been stuck staring at all three pics for hours on end unable to make up my mind, if it weren't for you guys.

This is an on-going monthly competition, so send in your pics today! Who knows, you might just find a RM150.00 voucher in your mailbox one fine morning:) Here's a recap of how it works:

1) Only decals from Blank Canvas are accepted.

2) The photo must be clear with good lighting.

3) Strategic furniture arrangements and/or other deco items are encouraged to bring out the best in your photo.

4) E-mail your photo to in a compressed format, preferably JPG or PNG.

5) The winning photos will be uploaded to our DECO IDEAS page as an inspiration to everyone and you get a RM150.00 voucher to spend!

6) Entries are accepted from the 1st-23rd of every month. Voting runs from the 23rd (once entries have been uploaded to the blog) and closes on the 30th.