Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Itchy Fingers...

A touch of vinyl here and a touch of vinyl there...i just had to give my friend, Melody's Esprit wallet some renewed life:) Let's see just how long those froggies manage to hang in there...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Featured in blogs:)

We are so excited! About a week ago, 4 of our decals made it onto a post on Shannon's blog, Design Through My Eyes. (Click for the full post...)

This afternoon brought more pleasant news! Our Modtree Multicolour decal was featured in fellow Etsy seller, Joanne Varga's Holiday Gift Guide.

She's also giving away a set of her 12 hand-crafted and embellished holiday greeting cards this November over at her blog. Just in time for Christmas...Find out how you can win the giveaway here!

Thank you, Shannon and Joanne!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home, Sweet Home - NEW DESIGN

I have a new design up:) "Home, Sweet Home" - measuring 11.3" high x 20" wide. It was inspired by a beautiful cat i saw at the petshop the other day. She had the most adoring, mesmerising clear blue eyes and I had to seriously fight the urge to take her home.

The colour shown in the picture is Black.

This design is now available at the Etsy Store and our webstore. Here are the direct links: Etsy Store and Website.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Website's Back Up and The Doofbags

One Saturday evening, i spotted some buzzing activity around the shoplots near my home. So i rounded up my clan (more like dragged my hubby and son) and decided to go check it out.

It was a charity drive with some vendors giving 100% of their sales to the charity of their choice. Some gave their proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness, the RSPCA and a whole lot more. OK...I have to admit I'm bad with the details but one of the vendors really stuck in my head...Doof Industries.

They had huge...and i mean humongous...beanbags for sale..and in to-die-for colours! Even the labels were so BIG they stole the attention the beanbags were getting. With names like Chuck and Roxanne, who could resist not jumping and sinking into one of them:)

100% water/drool resistant (what more could mummy ask for...) with an inner lining for the beans so that you can take all the beans out at one go when you want to wash the beanbag..(well, mummy could ask for that too:)

Best part is, you can rent the bags when you are having a chilled out do and need more laurel-resting locations. Spoke to hubby about this and he's all in for a BBQ... soon:)

They ship internationally and even provide free shipping in the Klang Valley. For international customers, they've got Paypal.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

Lollilines Revamp Update

Hello, my lovelies...I've recently updated our lollilines decal set. The decals now come in a default arrangement for easy installation. And if you don't fancy the default arrangement, you can still separate the lollilines to individualise your space:)

We welcome any constructive feedback you guys might have on how to improve our products. So, don't be shy...let us know and we'll work to make our decals better for you. Till next time!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Free Shipping Worldwide - 9/10 - 11/10

Come on over to our Etsy Store this 9/10 - 11/10.

We've got Free Shipping Worldwide going on.

All orders during this weekend will be shipped out on Tuesday via Registered Malaysian Post.

See you there!

The Odd Couple - Hitching a Ride - NEW DESIGN

"Squawk! Are we there yet?"

What an unlikely pairing! I've just put this design up for sale on Etsy and the Website. It stands at 35" tall and 22" wide and is a perfect conversation starter. Well, it started a little joke between myself and I, anyways but that's a story for another time:)

Try upping the FUN factor by picking this design in Pink for a perfect addition to a girly room or King Blue for the boys. (View Colour Swatches)

Want the decal flipped to look left instead? Or maybe you want it sized your way...Easy peasy! Just leave me a message during checkout or email us for a quotation today:)

Here are the direct links: Etsy Store and Website.