Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting back on the ball of things...

It's been a loooong while since i've posted something on this blog but hopefully, this is a start to getting the marketing side of this business back on track. These few months have been busy busy busy, with trying to get our workshop up and running, fulfilling normal and wholesale orders and with a baby on the way..woohoo!!! It's at times like these, i really appreciate my family helping me keep things together when i go a bit berserk:)

So, a little update...our workshop renovations are complete and the next step would be to move all our stuff there. We've managed to join the Etsy Malaysia Team and want to get more involved with everyone. Am really looking forward to taking part in some art/craft bazaars as this is something i have never done before...awesomeness! All in all, a really exciting time for us!

My fingers are itchy to get some new designs out as well...hopefully, once we've settled down, they can go back to work too:)