Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our 2nd Little Red Market coming this February!!

What a way to kick start our 2012...we've been invited again to take part in this little gem of a craft market and we are so excited!! The last time we took part in this market we sold out on a few of our designs, which is awesome. So, this round I plan to bring back more of our popular decals as well as a host of new designs that came about during the long, long holidays. Hopefully, being a Saturday and all, the crowd will be bigger and better:)

The market is being held in the same location as the first one ~ 32, Jalan Beka, Damansara Heights from 10am to 3pm. Can't wait to catch up with some of the vendors we had the pleasure of getting to know during the first one and really excited to see the new vendors Sally and Melissa have managed to find:) Better get a producing!

Be Happy, Be Free, Be Thankful - Wordings Vinyl Wall Decals

"Be happy" W10.6 x H10 inches
"Be free" W8.7 x H6.7 inches
"Be thankful" W11 x H10 inches
"Be U" W10.4 x H5 inches

Be Thankful - Wordings Vinyl Wall Decals

"Be Thankful" W11.2 x H10.4

Be Free - Wordings Vinyl Wall Decals

"Be free" W11 x H8.5

Be Happy - Wordings Vinyl Wall Decals

"Be Happy" W11.2 x H10.6

ChooChoo Trains - Set of 5 Vinyl Wall Decals

Here's another one for the boys! Since our decals are waterproof, getting our kids into the shower will be a much easier task when we've got these stuck on their shower walls or door:)

5 train decals ~
Largest train W10.1 x H5 inches
Smallest train W7x H5 inches
8 Smoke clouds
RM28.00 per set